Summer is still here

but it is a wet and treacherous one in the East and to the South and a dry and hot one to the West and North-floods and fire.  Yeah, it is almost Biblical, but mostly this worst of these disasters are human made–over development in the East and West; human habitats where none existed a generation ago, making fires more prevalent and harming animals from birds to bobcats.

Nature and humans position with in nature is really at full throttle dialogue right now with humans f**king stuff up and nature doing what nature does, spread water, spread fire, spread dis ease.  The we don’t see climate change like the people who say we don’t see culture are in deep denial or are addicted to lying–I think the latter.  What shall we do.

Well as long as there is a Republic and people can actually vote for or against candidates, I say work hard for the ones you care about and work hard to remove the ones that are making a mockery of science and good sense.  Nature is not annoyed.  Nature is enraged and nature will take things back.