no it is not a new world order


Bakery in Harlem

Just a return to old ideas re-packaged and tweeted.  That is what the President-Elect and the GOP led House & Senate seems to me.  We now have a President who is sort of like the melancholy version of Ronald Reagan.  It is twilight in his America and he’s going to bring us through a long, cloudless  night led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, hell bent on reversing just about anything that progressives have done in the past 80 years.

As I always remember, don’t agonize, organize and there’s plenty of organizing going on.

And finally, Hillary Rodham Clinton w/ all of her “deficits” won the popular vote even with considerable voter suppression; misinformation; the FBI and WikiLeaks; and oh you know White Supremacy, sexism and fear.  White Supremacy so that Obama and his policies (even if they helped America out of the hole it was in) could be repudiated.  Sexism for well women seeking power is simply not allowed in America.  And fear of change, fear of people of color, fear of terrorism (forgetting that most terrorist activity taking place in America by mostly White Americans) and just fear.  I guess the most dangerous American is a White man in rural America with a serious gripe against just about everybody.

And now we have a President who seems to represent vices and very few virtues.  I suspect we will be protesting, organizing, petitioning, etc.  BUT I HOPE many consider electoral politics.  Progressive should be on city councils; school boards; in the Assembly, the Senate. governors mansions, etc.  and then the House and the Senate.  Don’t agonize, organize and find/support candidates.

Meanwhile, poets are writing, organizing and publishing.  Look for many ways the language works to undermine the oddness of this moment.